Privacy Policy of Artroniq Berhad Group

Artroniq Berhad (“Artroniq”) and its subsidiary companies (collectively, “Artroniq Group”, “we”, “us” and “our”) respect and is committed to the protection of confidential data and privacy of our stakeholders. Artroniq’s Privacy Policy describes how personal data collected are handled, safeguarded and processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) of Malaysia. Please note that Artroniq may amend its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice of such amendment via our website or other channels of communication as deemed appropriate. Stakeholders are advised to read Artoniq’s Privacy Policy to further understand how personal data collected by Artroniq are processed and safeguarded.

  1. Personal Data Collection and Usage

Personal data includes any information which relates to a stakeholder or jointly with other data that is collected or provided to Artroniq via various channels. Depending on the information that is voluntarily given by stakeholders, the information Artroniq collects from its stakeholders may include personal information such as, name, gender, country of origin, National Registration Identification Card, passport, birthdate, driving licence, car plate number, telephone number, email address, credit/debit card information, photo, thumb print, video, physiological recognition, voice, signature etc.

Other than personal data obtained from stakeholders directly, Artroniq may also obtain personal data from stakeholders that it deals with and from such other sources in which stakeholders have given consent or authorised for the disclosure of such personal data. Artroniq Group, whether directly or via its authorised representatives, gathers personal data from its stakeholders, including customers, vendors, tenants or service providers, either directly or indirectly in any manner in connection with any transaction, engagement, application, registration or enquiry made with Artroniq Group through various channels, which may include online and physical hardcopy at public venues. All information requested in relevant documents is voluntarily to be provided, unless stated otherwise. Artroniq may be unable to process any request and/or provide any relevant products or services if the required information is not provided for the various processing or purposes.

Personal data collected and processed by Artroniq may be for various activities and may include for the following purposes:

  • To evaluate and process application for Artroniq’s products and services;
  • To conduct background identification and credit reference checks;
  • To create an account;
  • To administrate participation in any events that encompasses any campaign, contest and promotion;
  • To provide customer support in relation to any products, services and/or events;
  • To gather analysis or valuable information for further improvement;
  • To deliver important notices such as special offers, promotions, upcoming events, maintenance of operating system or application updating;
  • To process any payment related to any product and/or service request or transaction;
  • To better manage Artroniq’s business relationship with its stakeholders;
  • To facilitate internal compliance, audit and security obligations;
  • To analyse the efficiency of business operations and to assess market performances and achievements;
  • To respond to any enquiries and resolve any issues and disputes which may arise in connection with any dealings with Artroniq’s stakeholders;
  • To protect or enforce Artroniq’s rights under any agreements;
  • To comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements in the conduct of Artroniq’s business; and
  • To conduct internal records management.

If Artroniq intend to use any personal data in any manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, stakeholders will be informed of such anticipated use prior to or at the time at which the personal data is collected.

Artroniq wish to ensure that Artroniq shall not sell any personal data in our business. Artroniq deemed this information to be a critical part of our business relationship with our stakeholders. However, there are certain circumstances in which Artroniq may share personal data with third party without further notice to stakeholders if Artroniq is required to complying with any court order, regulatory requirement or local legislation, or in the event of a corporate sale, merger, restructuring or similar event, where the services of authorised third party is required but strictly on a non-disclosure and confidential basis.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are text files with small amount of data containing string of characters that stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. The text in cookies consists of identifiers, site names and some characters and numbers. They are unique to the browsers or mobile applications you access and record the data of websites that have been visited.

Artroniq Group used cookies to collect passive information in order to enable us to provide better service experience, customise our websites based on users preferences as well as to compile statistics and analyse trends. Most cookies are session cookies which they will be automatically deleted from user’s device at the end of each session. Users may set their devices to notify them when the cookies are issued, not to receive cookies at any point of time or to accept all cookies. In addition, Artroniq may allow other third party to serve advertisements when user access our websites. User’s information will be retrieved by third party from their cookies to provide advertisements and to market our products and services in our website that may be of interest to such users.

  1. Personal Data Disclosure

Artroniq Group may share personal data collected with other partners when services are supplied by such authorised partners. Moreover, Artroniq may also disclose personal information to government agencies and law enforcement when it is essential to comply with any relevant applicable laws or respond to any legal procedures. Where Artroniq Group is involved in a merger and acquisition, restructuring, legal proceedings or court action, personal information gathered may be shared in connection with the relevant parties in connection with any related investigation or activity.

  1. Right to Access and Correct Personal Data

Stakeholders have the right to access our sites without providing us any personal data. However, certain site may be not be accessible due to insufficient information or no information is provided by stakeholders.

Stakeholders can also choose to provide personal data which Artroniq may use to contact such stakeholders in the future to informed them about Artroniq’s products and services. In addition, stakeholders may write us an email with their name, NRIC and mobile number at any time to obtain details of their personal data Artroniq may hold or retain. However, Artroniq reserves the right to refuse any request if circumstances have arisen which at our absolute discretion are deemed prejudicial to the interests of Artroniq.

Artroniq Group retain personal data in our business records when you access our properties or sites. The personal data gathered will be retained for a period of time even after stakeholders no longer subscribe or discontinued from accessing our properties or sites.

  1. Security of Data

Artroniq’s sites and properties may not be a secure platform as it is subjected to third-party interception. Artroniq is unable to provide absolute responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information. Artroniq also cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of stakeholders’ information will not occur even though Artroniq has made reasonable efforts to avoid such occurrences. Hence, Artroniq has developed and applied the security policies to protect stakeholders’ information from unauthorised access, modification, unlawful destruction, improper use or disclosure and accidental loss. All employees are to strictly oblige to respect confidential information. Artroniq also makes sure information stored and is backed up securely in an environmentally-controlled location where only authorised personnel are able to access the information with proper authentication.

  1. International Transfers of Personal Data

There may be circumstances where it may be necessary to process and transfer personal data collected to other countries as our products and services may be supplied may be provided there. Artroniq Group will continue to ensure that data is processed in accordance with this Policy and applicable laws where relevant.

  1. Contact Us

Should stakeholders require further clarification or information in respect of the data gathering process and information retained by Artroniq, they may contact the Company at [email protected]